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In 2017, a group of women with a passion for horses, who were looking for adventure and loved

to travel joined Jeanette White of Wise Women Ride, for a horse-centred travel experience to the USA.

What was your favourite part of A Horse Centred Adventure to the USA 2017?

The magnificence of the Montana landscape and our awesome accommodation, food, and the general hospitality of the place – second to none

The laughs and the laughing and mostly feeling happy with my decision to travel with a group

The learnings from the horses and the horse people on different approaches


Victoria, 2017

The Ranch was the best bit.  The weather, the great people and their gracious attitude to us invading every part of their world from dawn to dusk. Horses were beautifully presented and the food was wonderful.

New Zealand, 2017

Definitely the time spent at McGinnis Meadows was a highlight.  Riding and learning every day was just fantastic and the magnificent Montana country – it is just beautiful.  The hospitality that everyone from the ranch showed made us all feel really welcome.

Vic, 2017

What were your biggest fears, worries or concerns before deciding to travel with us?

“I  had a low level anxiety that I wouldn’t be prepared but It all turned out ok and travelling with a group made it easy to travel.”

NSW, 2017

I get a little anxious when meeting new people – will they like me, will I like them?  Because everyone had similar interests we all got along fantastically and I have made fabulous new friends.

This was my first real foray into the big wide world so I was nervous of the travel and making sure that everything was ok which Jeanette ensured it was.

I loved everything about my holiday.


Victoria, 2017

And a final word or two of advice?

Experience something special

“We had a wonderful time, made some fabulous new friends, challenged ourselves and got to do what we really loved – spending time with and riding horses with others who share the passion.

Thank you Jeanette for offering such a great experience.”

Rediscover the REAL you!

“If you want an exhilarating, interesting, informative holiday where new friendships are formed and where women are supported in their endeavour to have a go and move away from and challenge some of their insecurities in their everyday lives then you should travel with Wise Women Ride.”

Get courageous!

“If you are considering travelling with Jeanette, consider no more – just do it

A skilled facilitator, seasoned traveller and all round awesome woman who brings her no nonsense can do attitude, with the perfect addition of emotional support when needed (shaken not stirred). She will share her wisdom and extensive experience to ensure you are well cared for emotionally and physically to have the trip of a lifetime.

Warning – you will want to repeat it!”

Get away from it all!

“We all prepare for a holiday and travel with certain expectations and whilst it was horse riding and travelling and sharing it with likeminded women that drew me to this trip, it was finding myself standing alone on a mountain, immersed in the solitude and the wild serenity that is my most memorable moment.”
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